We believe that everything has already been invented, but sometimes we realize that if we have the ability to observe beyond our borders, we discover infinite wonders around us.

Carla Foca is an extraordinary example, which fully embodies not only the artistic flair, but also the ability to offer a new style to our personality.

Her shoes creations are all handcrafted by skilled hands of master shoemakers who transform her draw into wearable, unique, iconic and exclusive luxury shoes.

Her collections are timeless, because in reality its reflect the spirit of those who wear them and choose to be women with a strong personality and a high collective cultural index.

Harmonics, colorful and witty, Carla Foca shoes are one of the true expressions of  Made in Italy 100% that still has a lot to tell the world and this brand fully embodies its exclusivity.

From the idea of ​​"Nature", Carla Foca creates her draws that are transformed into unique women's shoes, full of originality, without ever giving up luxury, thanks to the careful selection of leathers and the scrupulous search for style that the designer requires in every shoe he creates.

The style of this exclusive brand is not only to choose an exclusive shoe, but to capture the richness of the nature that surrounds us, making us ambassadors of an environment to preserve, to respect and admire and today, thanks to Carla Foca, also to wear .

So don't be surprised if you discover unique, original and luxurious shoes in your favorite boutiques, because by looking more closely at the shoes you have chosen, you will find that they are signed by Carla Foca.

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